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Rubbish Messages
Mar 12, 2013

During my intensiv work in the Afro dating sector, i attach you today some typical ' rubbish ' messages from fake and scammer. I am wondering how a person can answer this people. I thought for a longer time that some Afro dating websites will not survive because they get daily to much fake people. But i was wrong, exactly this sites got much bigger - why ? Because people like it when they enter a site and see a lot people online at a given time, is not interessted for them who is real and who not.  Most of them sit down years later on the same site and never met a person face to face. Anyway black meets white made a system to offer people dating with realcheck. And this realcheck only works over webcam. Back to my title of this article here, just now you can read some rubbish messages, i got on another afro website:

Rubbish message number 1

hello friend nice photo you are having here on the site, well just a little from my interest contacting you, l'm interest in a serious man that will love me also love to meet me life and see me for real not just on the interested only because am here for real not for games, are you interested in meeting me life and also to make your self real to me? Nice profile this is why I have visited your world to say hello, how was your night? favor is my name can we be friends here first and know each other to be sure of our communication? good morning


Rubbish message number 2

I confess that after ten minutes reading your profile I can say that I like it and I would like to have more information about you so sure it does not you uncomfortable. To begin here's a little about me. Independent, spontaneous, generous, with a good sense of humor: here are some traits that may characterize me! I love the sea. Summer. The mountain, traveling (you offer me a world tour by bicycle, horse or camper and I leave with you!), Going out with friends for a drink, get a restaurant, a concert, an exhibition, the art in all its forms (drawing, pottery, dance, classical or contemporary-music - a night in Ibiza or a classical opera: I went for both -). Always ready to make new discoveries!
Since there is nothing I regret, love you can come again! I do not look for My Romeo but simply one who will share my daily life.
What I dislike: cowardice, lying, indifference ...
If you are interested to know me I'll leave my personal email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXxxx @
Otherwise I do apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you and good luck.


I could attach you 100 of them, better not. How long you use the same afro intro site and be not succesful ? Did you never ask yourself why is it like that ? Come to our live Afro webcam chat room and we give you some more details about fake and scammer ! We wait for you, Afro and Black dating with realcheck over webcam ONLY on

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