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Black Women White Men Dating - Dating in generell - how you see it ?
Sep 06, 2013

Your in a restaurant and you see a beautiful black woman and handsome white man sitting at a table together holding hands.What are you thinking? I wished it was me or they should be ashamed of themselves. Can a interracial relationship  with a black woman and white man work ? Have you wondered how it would be? How does society look at interracial dating ? African Women meet European Men or Carribean Black Women date a white man from America. Afro American Dating - how do you see the chances ? In addition, many people assume a White man is with a Black woman because of her sexual abilities or that he thinks he owns her. They assume that a White woman is with a Black man because of his sexual abilities, or that he is attracted to her because she represents " the untouchable" Both mind sets, reflect our history of being enslaved by whites. According to, relationship therapist, Black women are dating and marrying, White men, because they have difficulty meeting and connecting with Black men. Therapist says many Black women, especially college-educated, professional Black women, believe there is a shortage of Black men on their income and educational levels. Black women marry White men because they want to make a commitment. When i hear about the commitment, i can not hide a big smile. Kenya Women or Uganda Women want often to make a commitment, but what they mean with it really ? They want to find a man who they feel will love them. They realize they have to look elsewhere if they want to start a family. In the year 2006 statics show an increase of black women & white men up to 100,000 and in 2007 an astonishing 180,000 married and dating interracial couples. Can it work absolutely ? There are pros and cons in any relationship. It’s a matter of connection and interest the draws a couple together, the chemistry. Cultural differences can be compromised. As we interviewed interracial couples who had been married for long periods of time how they feel about there relationship.Most commented that, there is no difference, just color we are all the same. The only negative backlash is glares and stares, or you’re the center of attraction. When two people care about each other it doesn't’t matter what anyone else think. During my work online especially with black women white men dating i must say that 95 % can not make it. Even on racial dating sites between black women and black men or white women and white men, it not work. Sure a smal % get connected, feel chemistry and be succesful later with a realtionship. The rest is sitting daily in the web and use a lot dating websites but nothing comes out.

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