About our Risk-Check

Our risk-Check tests various information about a member.
There is no 100% protection, but known fraudsters are found and displayed.



Risk-Check Proxy-User

Risk-Check Proxy-User


The orange graphic indicates that this member has used a proxy server.

This is not necessarily a problem if the other two graphics remain green.

Some members used to protect, or connection provider requires a proxy- server.







In this example you can see that this user is ever noticed as a scammer.

If you point your mouse over the red graph, you can see the height of the scam-score.

The Scam score display is one of the most important tests that will protect you from fraud.
Be careful when in this display a red diagram can be seen.






Here are the results of a further test.

Especially in Africa and Asia Internet cafes are very often used.
These cyber cafes are located in various districts.
There are safe districts but also districts where it is known that fraud and crimes be made from these cyber cafes.
We consider this information and give our members information about how high the risk is, maybe it can be a cheater behind a profile.




Risk-Check Scammer

Risk-Check Scammer


In this example, I have nothing more to say, the result should be unique here.
If a member has this risk score, you can be sure you’re dealing with a potential scam.
Please do not contact with such members!





Summary about our Risk-Check:

  • Is a member of a district, which is classified as risk-district, please be careful.
  • Is a member from a risk-district AND is known as a cheater / scammer, please do a search for another member to contact or acquaintance.


Best and safest results you get:
Make sure that our risk-check green three times displays.
Refers only to contact members who have the real check.

– Real-check info –

Many members have already found on our website an honest partner, because our safety tips have been read.

Good luck and success on black-meets-white.com

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